Ms. Farrah

I am a second grade math teacher. Math and numbers can be hard, but I am here to help you have fun and find the tools that work best for you. Playing math games and singing songs can help make learning fun! If you ever have any questions or concerns, please use the contact me tab to send me an email.

My partner teacher is Mrs. Wells. She is wonderful at reading, writing, and phonics. If any of our students need help with these subjects, please contact Mrs. Wells and she can help you with whatever you need. Just look at the teacher pages and find Mrs. Wells.

There are lots of different online resources to use. I will be adding different math practice resources to the links tab. I started with compass and studies weekly links. These will give students access to websites that we have used in class to practice the different subject areas. 
The Video tab to the right has access to different videos for skip counting songs, tutorials, and practice games.

Keep checking back for updates!